From Japan to Duluth, from Fortune 500 companies to local parishes, read about some of the organizations we have helped.

“Martini & Associates has been an invaluable resource to me over the years — particularly in enhancing the effectiveness of my management teams as well as my own leadership skills.”

Gregory D. Cash
President & CEO, Eminent Research Systems, Inc.

“Gary Martini provided the tools, insight, creativity and energy to facilitate dramatic cultural and organizational change necessary to foster and achieve great productivity gains — all within a very traditional Japanese organization.”

Vinton A. Vesta
Director & General Manager, Logistics, Mobil Oil of Japan

“Gary’s expert consultation on a large-scale cultural change initiative was critical to our success. His generous teaching and mentoring of others to support continued success after his departure from the project only further defined him as a true professional.”

Donald B. Levitt, PhD.
President, The New World of Work Network

Twin Cities Cursillo would like to express our appreciation to Gary Martini of Martini & Associates Consulting for his guidance in developing the Twin Cities Cursillo Vision and Mission Statement. In one evening Gary captured months of effort and brought it together in a fun and community building environment.”

Wendy and Mark Mitchell
Lay Director’s, Twin Cities Cursillo

“In a time when we were really struggling, Gary helped our Ministry clarify and define a healthy working relationship between the Board and the CEO.”

Ray Cole, President / CEO Midwest Challenge
Minneapolis, MN

“Martini & Associates gave us a helpful, engaging, hands-on process with easy-to-use tools to develop and implement our parish’s Five Year Plan, Heritage & Vision 2010. We’ve been able to evaluate it and to begin to roll-it over to 2015. As many people as possible were involved and came out of the process with a common sense of excitement about our future.”

Fr. Joe Graffis, Pastor
Mrs. Betty Deerwester, pastoral associate
St. Edward Parish, Louisville, KY

“Long before this type of process was widely used in the Church, Gary successfully blended his extensive corporate experience with his deep Catholic faith to lead our visioning team through a multi-year discussion and discernment process. His style is strong and guiding, yet non-intrusive in the movement of God’s Spirit, leading us through a prayerful experience of being Church while laying the groundwork for the future of our large, complex and vibrant parish. Ten years later, we are still “harvesting” the benefits.”

Brenda Coleman, Vision Core Team, ‘Harvest 2000’
Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Parish, Medina, MN