At Martini & Associates, we offer a lot of services for different organizational needs. To help illustrate the many skills we offer in Organizational Development, we take you through a journey in blue.

Although we’ve since updated our look, the below logo still tells a story of how we operate. The five blue bands below represent the five levels of consulting services offered by Martini & Associates, but also symbolize a bit more.



Reading from left to right, one notices the gradual changes in the symbols from a dark blue rectangle to a light blue circle. This gradation represents the purposeful evolution of individual and organizational transformations – symbolizing the change from “where you have been” to “where you want to be.”


Also, the gradual lightening of the symbols indicates the reduced dependency on Martini & Associates. It is our job to work ourselves out of a job.


Lastly, these five levels of organization effectiveness consulting provide one simple, yet potent definition of OE / OD.

Read more about the services we offer through the 5 Levels of Consulting for Corporations. or the 5 Levels of Consulting for Faith Communities.

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